Retro ‘Rents

The Retro Rents - EP060 - Nerd Pedals

June 22, 2020

Hosts on Deck: Al, Nick

What's up all!? This week we discuss the amazing drops at the Sony PS5 games reveal, the mind-blowing Star Wars: Squadrons reveal, multiple game delays, and the stuff we're having fun with lately. 


      1.  Project Athea (very cinematic but unknown plot)
      3. Stray - cyberpunk cat simulator
      4. Returnal- Live Die Repeat (Edge of tomorrow space sci-fi Tom cruise?) very cool looking
      5. Ghostwire - from last e3 cyberpunk spoopyness
      6. Jett: the far shore - interstellar vibes stylized chillax looking game
      7. MUTHER F’in HITMAN 3- OH YEAH
      8. Little Devil Inside - intriguing stylized adventure would like to know more
      9. Demon Souls - Thats a big dragon (remake of the PS3 CLASSIC)
      10. Deathloop - bioshock vibes with assassins in time loops, cool looking
      11. Resident Evil 8 - crazy realistic graphics
      12. Pragmata - Wierd sci-fi space man intrigued
      13. Horizon Zero Dawn: Forbidden West - Looks fantastic! (I just started playing the original HZD, so this is exciting)

Upcoming PC Releases:


      1. Elite Odyssey - Feet on the ground
      2. Icarus - Space Survival game from the creator of DayZ
      3. Everspace 2 continues to look awesome even better from PAX East
      4. Troy: Total War Saga looking great

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