Retro ‘Rents

The Retro Rents - EP056 - PAX East Adventure Games Panel

March 13, 2020

What's up everyone! First off, big credit to Dan Policar for recording this audio and providing it for us to broadcast here. Second, as you all heard in our previous episode, Al and Nick attended the "What's Next For Adventure Games" Panel at PAX East. The panel was a great "Who's who" making amazing Adventure games today:

Dave Gilbert [CEO Wadjet Eye Games],

Katie Hallahan Rahhal [Co-Founder & Game Designer Phoenix Online Studios]

Julia Minamata [Creator & Artist The Crimson Diamond]

Moderated by Francisco Gonzalez [CEO Grundislav Games]

We had SO much fun at this panel, and if you're a fan of Adventure Games you have to check this out. Also! We'll be interviewing panelist Julie Minimata in the very near future about her upcoming project, The Crimson Diamond, which she talks about here.

Enjoy the panel! We sure did!

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