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The Retro Rents — EP050 — More VR, Modern Warfare, Death Stranding and more!

November 25, 2019

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VR, Death Stranding, Modern Warfare, Outer Worlds


  1. Google Stadia Releases - and lags like expected
  2. Ken and Roberta Williams house for sale, 2.3 mil ( owners and founders of Sierra On-Line
  3. Japanese Hotel Charges $1 a night...if you live stream your stay
  4. Witcher episode titles released….GIVE ME NOW
  5. Transolar Games - Summer Daze made their Kickstarter and two stretch goals! Woohoo!
  6. VR Half-Life: Alyx March 2020 revealed this past week.

Demos/releases to check out!

Check out Summer Daze at Hero-U! The Coles latest creation that made it's kickstarter earlier this month!:  

The SavePoint game of the month: 

  1. The Witcher 3 - should be some fantastic black friday sales, one of the best games of the decade! Get it now on the platform of your choice and play along with us!


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