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The Retro Rents — EP045 — A Long Expected Episode

September 3, 2019

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Metro Exodus DLC, No Man's Sky Beyond, LoTRO, Spiderman


  1. Sony buys Insomniac Studios (Spiderman devs)
  2. Loot Crate dying? Filed Bankruptcy, 30 million in debt, credit card holder refusing new buys
  3. Lead producer of Dragon Age IV leaves Bioware
  4. GamesCom - More reveals than E3 most still next year
  5. Disney+ reveals a CRAP TON of incredible upcoming content

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Crying Suns - FTL inspired strategy space opera: 

The SavePoint game of the month: 

  1. PC - Everspace (Get it now on PC/Xbox Game Pass and join the fun!)


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