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The Retro Rents — EP041 — E3 2019 is Coming!

June 2, 2019

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Not a release per se, but we are looking forward to E3 BABY! IT'S COMING!



  1. Kotaku - John Romero made a new Doom Mod (huge, called Sigil), and it supposedly rocks
  2. Larian (Divinity: OS devs) teased Baldurs Gate 3...HOLY CRAP
  3. Weekly Retail Game sales in Japan are the worst they’ve been in 20 years. #1 is Smash Ultimate, and that sold 9039 copies. Very low and slow for Japan.
  4. Phil Spencer revealing XBox Game Pass for PC Games at E3
  5. Star Wars Galaxies Edge Opens at Disneyland, CA.  Hollywood Studios version in FL opens at end of August.
  6. The World Health Organization has decided to add gaming disorder to its list of recognized illnesses.
  7. Dark Crystal Series Trailer

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