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The Retro Rents - EP040 - Favorite DOS Games, Thank you Future Monkeys!

May 19, 2019

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Al, Nick


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AC: Odyssey, Vampyr, Simon the Sorcerer


Upcoming Releases we're interested in (via PAX demos!):




  1. CDPR pledges humane dev treatment as cyberpunk dev ramps up
  2. Epic Stores answer to Steam Sales
  3. Skull and Bones delayed to 2020
  4. Reimagining SC38 badass fanfilm/re-edit classic fight of Obi-wan and DarthVader from EP 4
  5. A very special thank you, and goodbye to our dear friends over at The Future Monkeys, who released their final Podcast Episode last week. Thank you Los, Beardy, and Scari for providing awesome entertainment, and inspiration to casters like us. 

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