Retro ‘Rents

The Retro Rents — EP034 — The Times Ahead

February 24, 2019

Hosts on Deck: 

Al, Kyle, Nick


Currently Playing:

Anthem, Bard's Tale IV, Witcher 3, Tetris 99


Upcoming Releases we're interested in:

Total War: Three Kingdoms, Division 2, Outer Worlds



  1. Capcom releases their soundtracks onto Spotify
  2. Fortnite Party shitshow
    1. charged to play at event
  3. Reggie steps down to Doug BOWSER
  4. Industry turn and churn.  Blizzard, EA gutting studios, and now Arena Net of Guild Wars.  Are we seeing a collapse or just business as usual?
  5. Upcoming Interview - Christy Marx -- 3/1/2019


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