Retro ‘Rents

The Retro Rents - EP025 - Spooky Scary Skeletons

October 22, 2018

Hosts on Deck: Al, Kyle and Nick


  1. Upcoming releases of interest:

    1. Games with Gold- Victor Vran, Hitman Blood Money recently released on gold
    2. RED DEAD
    3. Dark Souls - Switch
    4. Lego DC Villains - Switch
    5. Fallout 76 Beta end of October Xbox first  (23rd) then PC/PS4 (30th)
    6. Soul Calibur 6 released yesterday


  1. News

    1. Discord’s new policy changes - Opt out now - 90 days to do so from 10/16 - - Can’t join Class Action lawsuits if you don’t
    2. Walking Dead Final Season to be finished by Skybound (Kirkman’s company) - Episode 3 should be out this year.
      1. Using Telltale Devs to finish. 
    3. PS4 Days Gone exclusive delayed again, til April 2019


Question - What is your favorite scary, spooky, horror game?


The SavePoint game of the month:

  1. Castlevania


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