Retro ‘Rents

The Retro Rents - Ep019 - Vacations and Reunions

July 15, 2018

Hosts on Deck: 

Al, Kyle, and Travis together again!


Games we're playing and things we're watching: 

FF7, Moss, Hero-U, Magic the Gathering, America's Got Talent, Ken Burns documentaries

Upcoming releases of interest:

    1. Game Pass - Vermintide 2, ES: Oblivion and ESO
    2. EA Access - Sims 4, Battlefield 1
      1. upcoming: Madden 19 (8/2), NBA Live 19 (8/31)
    3. Switch - Octopath Traveler out today! My brother in law is currently missing ever since he preloaded the game last night.


    1. Octopath Traveler is KILLING it in reviews
    2. NES Classic re-release
    3. - Kickstarter to play Duckhunt on modern systems Neat but will cost you a testicle ($129)


Question - What game have you been consumed by this past week/recently


The SavePoint game of the month:

  1. Sword of Vermillion (continued as we all haven't had time to play!

How to Reach Us:

Voicemail Line - 610-810-1654

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    2. Email (
    3. Twitter (@theretrorents)