Retro ‘Rents

The Retro Rents - Ep016 - Sweep the Leg!

May 20, 2018

Hosts on Deck: 

Al, Kyle, and Travis


Games we're playing: 

Final Fantasy VII, SF2 Turbo,  Elder Scrolls Online




 Upcoming releases of interest:

      1. Hyrule Warriors - Switch (definitive edition, includes 3ds material)
      2. Little Nightmares Complete edition (switch)
      3. Megaman 2 and X re-release on carts from iam8bit - NEAT!.but 100 BUCKS?!
      4. State of Decay 2 next week


  1. NES Maker for NES games (no coding needed)
  2. Had an awesome concept for a cyperpunk, dragon riding/hatching/raising RPG. Concept art looked great!
  3. Retro Game Designer (games for Dreamcast/Genesis/PS1/Jag w/no coding)
  5. Switch Online revealed
  6. Radical Heights, Boss Key Productions close down (Cliffy B’s studio)
  7. Pokemon Switch Leaked?


  1. Question of the Bi-Week - What was the first Real-Time Strategy you've ever played? Share what you liked/disliked of the experience

The SavePoint game of the month: Flashback - The Quest for Identity (Available on SNES, Genesis, Commodore Amiga, possibly PC

NEW VOICEMAIL LINE! - 610-810-1654