Retro ‘Rents

The Retro Rents - EP022 - Pinball, Streets of Rage, Your Holy Grail

September 3, 2018

Hosts on Deck: Al and Travis


Games We've Been Playing:

Pinball FX3 - Al's in a tournament!

No Man's Sky

Dwarf Fortress: Adventure Mode


Upcoming releases of interest:

    1. Games with Gold- Prison Architect (Interested to see the console version), Livelock for XB1, Lego Starwars 3 and Sega Classic Collection: Monster World (this one sounds cool)
    2. Dragon Quest 11 (coming to PC and PS4...innnteresting)
    3. Streets of R4ge
    4. Alex Kidd in Miracle World Remake



    1. eSports - Good4Gaming won the recent Overwatch Charity Tourney!!! Way to go everyone!
    2. Streets of R4ge!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHH!
    3. Wasteland 2 coming to Switch!

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